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Locky Aussie pig4_edited.jpg
Locky Aussie pig3_edited.jpg
Greg Salter Aussie Pig3_edited.jpg
Greg Salter Aussie Pig2_edited.jpg
Al Hood Wallabies_edited_edited.jpg

Al Hood, Hoyt Carbon RX-1 - Wallabies


Joe Smith - Arapawa Ram - Hoyt Trykon XL

Oliver Smith WIld Sheep_edited.jpg

Oliver Smith - Wild Ram - April 2019 -                    Mission Bow 

Paul Spencer_Pig 2019.jpg

Paul Spencer - Wild Pig - May 2019 -

Hoyt Nitrum Turbo, Easton Bloodline arrows

Graeme Hopping Whitetail.jpg

Graeme Hopping, Whitetail Stewart Island -

              Hoyt Carbon RX-3 Turbo

Ben Searle Goat_edited_edited.jpg

Ben Searle - Wild Goat - April 2019 -                       Easton Bloodline arrows 

James Barnett Thar.jpg

James Barnett - Thar - June 2019 - Hoyt Ignite

G5 Montec Broadheads

Greg Salter Red Stag_edited.jpg

Greg Salter - 12 Pt Red Stag 2019 Roar - 

Hoyt Charger 

Bow Hunt 14_Dean Taylor.jpg

Dean Taylor - Chamois,  Hoyt Powermax, Easton bloodline arrows, G5 Striker BH

Graeme Hopping Bull Tahr.jpg

Graeme Hopping - Young Bull Tahr - Hoyt Carbon RX-3 Turbo, Easton Bloodline, Shuttle-T broadhead

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