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Paul Spencer - Fallow Spiker - Hoyt Carbon RX-4, Easton Bloodline arrows

Vojta Hodek - Red Hind - Hoyt Carbon RX-1, Easton Bloodline arrows 

Owen Braaksma - Red Yearling Hind - Mathews VXR31.5, Easton Bloodline arrows, G5 Striker V2 broadhead 

Dan Ratcliffe - Fallow Spiker - Hoyt Nitrux, and Easton Axis arrows 

Rob Arrandale - Fallow Spiker - Hoyt Powermax - Easton Bloodline arrows 

Gary Gregory - Tahr nanny - Hoyt Carbon RX-1 - Easton Bloodline arrows.

Al Hood - Fallow Doe - Hoyt Carbon RX-1  - Easton Axis arrows 

Sam Beaufill - 11pt Red Stag - Hoyt Carbon Element RKT 


Sam Beaufill - Menil Fallow Buck - Hoyt Carbon Element RKT  


Sam Beaufill - Black Fallow Buck - Hoyt Carbon Element RKT 

Joe Turner Chamois Buck.jpg

Steve Blakemore - 11pt Red Stag - Hoyt Charger - Easton Bloodline arrows, G5 Montec broadheads.

Joe Turner - Chamois Buck - Hoyt Torrex XT - Easton Bloodline arrows

Graeme Hopping Fallow Buck_2021.jpg

Graeme Hopping - Menil Fallow Buck - Hoyt Carbon RX-3 Turbo - Easton Bloodline arrows 

Ryan Fallow.jpg

Ryan Thomson - Fallow Spiker - Hoyt Ignite - Easton Bloodline arrows - Ramcat broadheads 

Glen Wiki Billy.jpg

Glen Wiki - Billy goat - PSE Nock-On EVO NTN33 - all while waiting for the stags to roar !!  


Rob Arrandale - Red Stag - Hoyt Powermax - Easton Bloodline arrows, G5  Montec broadheads 

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